Emanuel Weyringer is one of the top chefs in the region. His third “Gabel” comes in recognition of his creative abilities, the well-stocked wine cellar and excellent service.
The light, innovative and varied cuisine captures the imagination of guests from far and wide.
On the shores of lake Wallersee Asian aromas and Italian flavours come together to create a unique Weyringer mix.
A la Carte,2013
Peerless cooking style. The charming and professional service side of the operation is led by Susanne Weyringer.
A harmonious feelgood concept, impeccable service and fine cuisine mean that Weyringer is the place-to-be for connoisseurs.
Head for the lakes. Emanuel Weyringer cooks fantastic contemporary fish cuisine in his own hotel on the banks of lake Wallersee. A master of the Reinanke.
The number one destination for fish fans in Salzburg. Emanuel Weyringer [...] cooks with an almost superhuman attention to detail. And then there is the terrace with views of the lakes!
An exceptional talent
Vorkoster, Salzburger Fenster,2012
A refuge from the festival.
It seems unnecessary to add at this stage that this new restaurant is one of the most interesting in the province of Salzburg.
A la Carte,2010